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Welcome to Blockcircle, this is Crypto Hunter and Basel.

Crypto Hunter (@cryptoxhunter), is an undervalued gem finder, a seasoned quant trader, and an investment professional who has been a market leader for many years. Basel Ismail (@baselismail) is a data scientist and financial engineer, he has an MBA from Cornell University and an MS in Information Security and Quantitative Risk Management from Norwich University, and extensive training in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We create detailed cryptocurrency market analysis on Discord, weekly video analysis publicly available via the YouTube channel, and exclusive Premium content for market participants. We publish daily updates including a look at where the market is trending based upon on-chain indicators, technical analysis, and sentiment analysis which helps filter out the noise, you can buy access to the premium list here to learn how we are navigating the digital asset market. 

Applying Statistical Rigor To Investment Decisions

Actionable Intelligence for smarter investments, not just visualizing data for data sake

Blockcircle is a blockchain data and intelligence provider that produces actionable on-chain metrics and tools for digital asset investors. The intent is to identify market tops & bottoms and quantitatively analyze sentimental trends before a downturn or upturn.

The team uses its own proprietary data intelligence product that offers on-chain analysis, off-chain analysis, sentiment analysis, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis; this covers the full spectrum of digital asset valuations and helps all members (individual and corporate investors) apply more statistical rigor into their investments.

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Example of Data Science Models Used and Shared Privately

We leverage the power of predictive analytics to solve investment challenges. We use best-in-class, accurate machine-learning algorithms that provide comprehensive insights into our cryptocurrency data. Lean on us to provide you with detailed recommendations and if you are a data expert, we will gladly provide a second opinion. We like to say our proprietary algorithms are our secret sauce!


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We use Mathematical and Statistical Modeling to Navigate The Cryptocurrency Market
Updated cryptocurrency market analysis so you know where the market is heading, and exactly how to trade it.
Live version of our cryptocurrency portfolios. View all of the digital assets we are currently holding and trading at any time.
Updated risk and opportunity analysis data across assets
Logarithmic Regression Analysis (+ Fair Value) for BTC and ETH
Algorithmic Trading Bots to help screen undervalued investments
Educational content on leading and lagging technical indicators, gauging market sentiment, interpreting on-chain reports, and more


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Largest ETF Like Firm Grayscale assets in consideration list, manually extracted for analysis
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Leading undervalued Web3 projects backed by prominent Cryptocurrency VC and PE Firms
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Next narrative to catch fire, Play 2 Earn (P2E) Web3 gaming and decentralized apps
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Top Ranked NFTs by fundamental metrics and intrinsic value

Data-Driven Decision Making using Computationally Intensive Models

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