Breakout Trading Anatomy

breakout trading

Cryptocurrency Breakout Trading 101 What is a breakout? Analyzing breakout patterns is used as a market strategy for many investors in the cryptocurrency space. A breakout occurs when, after many attempts by the seller to lower the price of the coin, they agree to sell at the buyer’s higher price. This then causes the price … Read more

Stop Loss: Trading 101

stop loss trading 101

Stop Losses For Cryptocurrency Traders What is a stop-loss order? A stop-loss is a type of order you can use on a range of exchange platforms to try and limit your potential trade losses. When you invest in a coin, you can place a stop loss on it, meaning that a coin has a sell … Read more

Is Bitcoin Dead?

is bitcoin dead?

The $700 Billion Dollar “Death of Cryptocurrency” Is Just The Beginning It is important to talk about where we are right now. You can probably feel it yourself, the depression stage of the cycle categorized by fear, doubt, the reluctance to invest capital and general panic. Do you know how far Amazon stock dropped in … Read more