Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Trading

Because proper education around fundamentals, risk management, and best trading practices are lacking. We believe that traders and investors need access to proper education.

You watch the videos, use the tools provided, test the strategies and complete the action items.

The Blockcircle Trading Course is a 6-week program. It shows you how to start trading and investing in cryptocurrencies from scratch, and actually learn the reasons why.

It starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as slow, or as fast as you wish.

This course is designed to teach complete beginners and active crypto traders the trading skills, principles and strategies that we have pioneered to give you an edge.
This Cryptocurrency Trading Course is built around 25 online training lessons, tools, a support network, and a community. It is online on your own time.
“While the majority of investors have been crushed by the 2018 bear market, a small pocket of traders have turned other people’s misfortune into the opportunity of a lifetime. Access their world-class educational resources and the complete Blockcircle Trading Course.”
Watch the course videos in stunning 1080p HD, listen to recordings and download the extra tools to help you take your trading to the next level. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

No more sifting through hundreds of hours of useless videos. Our courses are over 20 hours of video content in total which means we only included exactly what you need to know.

No matter where you are in your trading journey this is the course you need to take you to the next level. We have taught complete beginners, losing traders and industry funds managers.

We took everything you need to know to profit trading cryptocurrencies and put it all into 4 exclusive modules.

You get access to the Blockcircle Private Channel alongside 350 other cryptocurrency traders on the same wavelength as you. Trading is lonely when you’re surrounded by “normal” people who don’t understand. Get motivated, uncover ideas, find your style and have fun.

The Blockcircle Team is on your side, when you need us, we will be there to help.

A community is important. Trading with others is not only more fun, it’s more profitable too.

You’ll be learning the tips, tricks, rules, strategies, and principles used by our best investors for over 8 years.