Blockcircle is a quantitative market analysis and data science investment trading group. Our members from all walks of life, including quant traders, business and tech C-suite executives, financial engineers, data engineers, data architects, blockchain developers, blockchain researchers, founders, registered investment advisors, hedge fund owners, and PE/VC executives.

The group was founded in 2017 and it has been going strong now for 5 years, we are very proud of what we accomplished!

Please subscribe to our membership for $99/month and we will send you all registration details to join the Blockcircle community!

Membership—get access to:

  1. Private Discord Signal Alerts Channel
  2. Charts & Trading View Indicators
  3. Blockcircle Strategy Dashboard
  4. Weekly Premium videos
  5. Regular Premium reports
  6. Private Discord chatroom
  7. Premium List Live Streams
  8. Dedicated channels on:
    • Short-Term, Mid-Term, and Long-Term Investment into Digital Assets
    • On-Chain Analytics
    • Off-Chain Analytics
    • NFT Analytics
    • Fundamental Analysis into undervalued gems
    • Technical Analysis into breakout patterns and promising positional trades
    • Popularity Index / Sentiment Analysis / Web Traffic Analysis
    • Price Predictive Modeling and Statistical Forecasting for most digital assets

If you would prefer to pay with cryptocurrencies, please deposit USDC / USDT / ETH using the Ethereum network (ETH ERC-20) or Binance Chain network (BSC BEP-20) to this address: 0x929a6c96400C5426B81445693921c677d7c7BdD0 and kindly send Basel an e-mail to and he will send you registration instructions!

There is a 20% discount for annual plans. 

Thank you for your interest